[Solution]respond to my three classmates discussion 150 words in hour

“The meaning of our whole world’s history has been most fully shown to us in the person of Jesus” (Bartholomew & Goheen, 2014, p.21). Like Jesus is the son of God, I am a  child of God as well. We all have a history and will continue to create history but I hope that my history, like the history of Jesus, leaves a powerful and positive impact on my daughter’s life, as well as the other people in my life. With that being said, I do feel connected in the sense that Moses has to teach the people the laws of God (McConville, 2002) just as I have to teach them to my daughter. It is my job to tell others of the gospel. If I continue to follow God and his laws then my daughter will be more likely to do the same. In this sense, I do feel connected to the biblical story.

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