[Solution]HHS 460 Research Methods in Health and Human Services

Week 2 Discussion 1 Here are the instructions: The discussion title is Locating resources. The ability to locate and utilize information relative to Health and Human services is an important component of many health and human service jobs. Some of the areas included in HHS program are: Legal/illegal immigrants, Poverty, Violence in The Media, Unemployment, Alcoholism, Gambling, Sexual Harassment, Criminal Justice, Hunger/Homelessness, Mental Illness, Health. Instructions Locate information and relevant reports on an area of poverty from one of these groups. To accomplish this the following was entered into the search engine such as Google and Health and Human services and programs dealing with poverty. The research found a site under the heading of Poverty research Centers. As the interest was focused on discovering what information was available, the research centered on The National Pverty Center. An examination on this site under that heading yielded numerous areas regarding new research opportunities, informing the policy community, and training young researchers. The assignment asks for an exploration of what can be found in several of the areas listed above. Then Identify one area and prepare a descriptive post outlining the information in this site. You may want to experiment with various areas in order to understand the usually large number of resources/programs, but also the kinds of information. This is discussion 1 of week two. Discussion 2 Of week 2 is : Research venues: Instructions are Research can be divided into three broad areas: descriptive, qualitative, and quantitative. Some researchers subsume descriptive research (archrival) as quantitative. For this discussion we are considering it a separate kind, as descriptive research can fall into either area; qualitative or quantitative. The assignment is to prepare a post that is differentiating qualitative, quantitative, and analysis of availability data. Identify those attributes that form the essence of these three research venues. Questions that might want to be considered: What are the differences in types of data/information among the three venues? What are the expected outcomes when using each kind? for example: does using available data enable one to determine cause and effect? Which venue utilizes narrative and observation as a data source? What are some advantage/disadvantages for each research venue? This should be explained in the HHS 460 book by( Monette, Sullivan, Cornell, Dejong. & Hilton 2014) Applied Social Research: A tool for the Human Services (9th Ed.). I need these papers done according to these instructions referencing the textbook.  Can someone do this according to these instructions for me? Thanks CelesteM.

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