[Solution] What is Happening in the World of Healthcare?

In this discussion, introduce yourself to your classmates. Share your major and then briefly discuss your healthcare background, interest in the course topic(HCM-340 Healthcare Delivery Systems), and how the topic applies to your career or desired career.

Additionally, choose an article from the Kaiser Family Foundation website (https://www.kff.org/) that interests you personally or relates to your career in healthcare. In your post, briefly explain what the article is, why it interests you, or why it is important to the field of healthcare.

Tip for locating an article: When you reach the home page of the Kaiser Family Foundation website, there will be a list of various topics in colorful boxes. Select one of the boxes to learn more about the topic, and then select a specific resource on which to base your discussion post. You may also select Menu from the top left side of the webpage and select from the list of topics.

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