[Solution]Privacy and Security of EHI

Privacy and Security of Electronic Health Information

One of the main concerns in transmitting patient health records electronically is the need to protect patient information and follow security measures to ensure safeguards are in place to prevent a breach. Review the scenario provided in the Reading and Resources area of the module: Massachusetts Clinic Breach Stems From Unauthorized HIE Access. In your initial post, discuss the steps that could be taken to prevent this type of breach from occurring in the future.

Massachusetts Clinic Breach Stems From Unauthorized HIE Access:


The patients’ health records breach reported by Codman Square Health Center involved unauthorized access to the New England Healthcare Exchange Network. In this breach, 3 840 Codman Square Health Center patients were affected. Patients’ information, including names, addresses, birth dates, gender, and health insurance information, were compromised.

Privacy and Security of Electronic Health Information
Sample solution covering steps to prevent security breach such as dedicating a team to protect data, developing an action plan to mitigate the risk, and monitoring threats, audit, and update the security from time to time
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