[Solution]Thoroughly” answer the “two” end of chapter critical thinking or review questions from this week’s assigned reading (“one” question from the end of “each” chapter). Your choice which two, but one from “each” chapter). Special Notes: Before answering, fir

Your forum prompt response must reflect college-level comprehension, analysis, discussion, application (where appropriate), and learning. To demonstrate college writing, thoroughly discuss and relate your answers/responses in both source and anecdotal language. Paraphrase, quote “only” when absolutely necessary, and provide examples, differences/similarities, analogies, etc. Forum prompt responses and responses to your classmates/instructor must reflect “critical thinking” skills (critical, analytical, evaluative, etc.) – not your ability to simply transfer verbatim text content to the forum platform. You must strive to apply, demonstrate, illustrate, relate, analyze, appraise, compare/contrast, criticize, deduce, debate, determine, differentiate, distinguish, estimate, evaluate, examine, and/or predict in your forum responses. Show you are able to synthesize and evaluate knowledge in a “cogent manner.” This includes thoroughly explaining your positions/answers.

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