[Solution]respond to my three classmates discussion 150 words today in 4 hours

I have chosen the equations and inequalities as my pair relating to the attributes of God or the concept of faith. Because in a mathematical world these two are Equations and inequalities are both mathematical sentences formed by relating two expressions to each other. In an equation the two expressions are deemed equal which is shown by the symbol =. X=Y, when X is equal to y. Also, in an equality the two expressions are not necessarily equal which is shown by the symbols: >, <, or ? or ?. This equation or an inequality they contain at least one variable is called open sentence. It can substitute the variable in an open sentence with a number the resulting statement is either true or false. If the statement is true, the number is a solution to the equations or inequality. For example, if 3 a solution to 5x + 14 =24, we substitute x for 3, so, (5) (3) + 14, 15 + 14 = 29 its not equal to 24, and so, it is a false statement.With these statements I can relate to the concept of faith. There are people whose faith is not that strong, they doubt what God can do for them, and others have a strong faith which they are a strong believer that in all the things happening to them either good or bad, these are Gods plan for us. Because for me all things happen for a reason. Although, at times when a trial comes along sometimes, we asked ourselves why me!? But the truth is God has an equal plan for all of us we just don’t see that.

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