[Solution]Order 2160661: Watch President Ronald Reagan’s 1983 speech to the National Association of Evangelicals WRITE DB+ RESPOND TO MY 3 CLASSMATES

Purpose: This assignment invites you to consider how topic selection, goal and thesis planning, audience analysis, research, organization, and presentational variables can impact an audience’s response to a speech presentation. This can help you better understand and appreciate the planning process you must follow if you wish to prepare a top-notch speech for delivery to an audience. Des?r?ption: Watch President Ronald Reagan’s 1983 speech to the National Association of Evangelicals, perhaps the most explicit presidential endorsement of Christian faith in recent times. As you watch this presentation, prepare and post your written answers to the following speech presentation analysis questions: What is this speech’s topic? What is the speech’s thesis or main point? What in the speech, if anything, suggests the speaker (or his speech writers) had analyzed the audience and adapted the speech to its needs? Did the speaker use effective and relevant material to support the speech’s thesis? Was the speech effectively organized? Did the speaker use clear, interesting, and accurate language? Was the quality of the speaker’s voice acceptable? Were the speaker’s movements and gestures meaningful and effective? You must explain the observations and the reasoning that justify your answers to these questions. The more thoughtful, detailed, and documented your observations and explanations, the better the quality of your work. Grading Criteria: Be sure to satisfy each of the following grading criteria: Thread Be sure to provide thoughtful, detailed answers to each of the 8 questions and to support your observations by citing supportive parts of the Reagan speech presentation. Replies You must post written replies (no fewer than 75 words each) to 3 or more of your classmates’ threads to this forum. You will not receive credit for excessively general comments that could be contrived and made in response to any reading of this type. Posting Requirement: Post your thread to Discussion Board Forum 4 (Module/Week 8). Do so by taking the following steps: Reply to Jivahn This speech by former President Ronald Reagan was a great speech. The speech?s topic was that God is needed even in a politicians life. The thesis of the speech was, ?if America ceases to be good, America ceases to be great?. This statement is a very good statement to incorporate into the speech, as it gets the audience thinking. It proves that you cannot separate liberty and morality. This is important as President Reagan is addressing an audience of evangelicals. I believe that the speech was very well organized. It started off good, and he got the audience chuckling with a short joke that helped to lighten the mood and set the tone for the speech. The joke also didn?t take away or distract the audience which is very important and I believe was well placed in the speech. President Reagan also used very good pronunciation and tone in his speech. Although the microphones weren?t as good then, he is still very understandable and easy to follow. President Reagan used very few movements, which would probably be the one thing that I point out. I would say that maybe he should use more movements in his speech to emphasize his main points and ideas. Overall this is a great speech and the message is even better. Reply to Ronald The speech “Evil Empire” by Ronald Reagan is a very influential and thought-provoking speech. The speech’s topic is the importance of faith and the belief in God in a world where evil is present. The main point of his speech is that there are evil people in the world with power and influence. This remains true to this day; however, in 1983 his main purpose was to encourage and explain to the group of evangelicals that their faith, integrity and sound biblical morals were what was most important in a world where evil surrounded them. One can see that Reagan took the time to analyze his audience by how he talked and communicated with them. He understood what was important to them and what they needed to hear in order to feel motivated and inspired. We can see this by just the amount of times the audience clapped and showed a positive response to the important statements he made. Reagan used very relevant and effective material to support his thesis. For example, Reagan quoted C.S. Lewis in order to support the point he was making. That quote conveyed a powerful message to the audience that helped to piece together the most memorable part of his speech. Reagan was very organized in his speech. He stayed focused the whole time and did not go on rabbit trails or rants that were unnecessary. For this reason, Reagan was easy to follow and pay close attention to. Reagan also made it a point to include interesting stories that caught the attention of the audience. Some of the stories he mentioned made the audience laugh, like at the beginning of the speech; meanwhile other stories made the audience think very deeply. Reply to Miranda Reagan purposely brought up a story of a man talking about his daughters. He explained that the man said that he would rather see his children die at that moment still believing in God, rather than having them grow up in communism and have them die no longer believing in God. This story was one that seemed to impact a lot of the audience as the audience applauded loudly after he told this story. Reagan’s voice was very clear and understandable. He excelled at projecting his voice and was never monotone; he spoke with passion and in a convincing tone. He raised his voice when he wanted to make more of an impact with one of his points, and when he wanted the audience to really think about what he was saying he slowed down and gave some pauses to let the message sink in with the audience. Although Reagan did not really use hand gestures or movements, I noticed he made a great effort in looking at the entire audience. Throughout the whole speech he kept looking at different places, which means he had looked at everyone in the audience at least one time.

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