[Solution]HA540 Unit 6 Discussion

At a meeting as the quality director, I would first consider if increasing impact of external elements would be beneficial. Is increasing that impact always a good thing if external influences are negative? I would prepare a report based on the environmental situation of the community, socio-economic demographics, supply chain, local competition, and information regarding any partnerships our organization is involved in. It would be beneficial to discuss how we can use these factors to our advantage and change the narrative of negative impacts to reflect positively on our organization. Even when things are bad, PR firms can illustrate the positives of bad situations. As an example, say there is a high rate of deaths due to a communicable disease in the area. Our hospital knows that there isn’t much positive about that, but we could highlight our efficient testing methods and cutting-edge treatment options for affected individuals. This would raise morale among employees and let them know they are doing a good job with a bad situation and potentially increase quality of care due to the morale boost.

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