[Solution]HA535 Unit 2 Discussion

When I look for a scholarly source, I review the source for several things before I read the article. First, I determine if it is posted in a reputable journal or on a reputable website. Then, I check if it is peer-reviewed. I then review who funded the study and research the company providing funding for legitimacy. As an example, take this study: https://academic.oup.com/jn/article/148/10/1556/5094775. This was posted in the Oxford Journal of Nutrition in 2018 and alleges that corn oil lowers plasma cholesterol compared with coconut oil in adults with high cholesterol (Maki, Hasse, Dicklin, Bell, Buggia, Cassens, & Eren, 2018). I think scrolled to see who funded this study. Five out of seven researchers received research funding from ACH Food Companies, Inc. The other two researchers are employees of ACH Food Companies, Inc. This raised some red flags for me. I did a Google search for ACH Food Companies, and they are a manufacturer of corn products, particularly corn oil. I did not bother reviewing the research as this means it is tainted with bias and other research that was unbiased told a different story.

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