[Solution]HA530 Unit 9 Discussion

Human Resources professionals are responsible for strategy, managing employees and organization. While, employees remaining have complaints, with the laws, that governs employees’ rights, and employer obligations. (Wagner, 1935) If the organizations had violated the employees right, regulations, lawsuit, losing money, and the company may be losing their benefits. Union organization, company management are often making decisions to defend their employees. Only thing the employees have to do is sign union groups that defends employees. (Wagner, 1935)The governing body enact laws, and regulations are intended to ensure fairness, and order in society. (Wagner, 1935)  Legislation, is the process that evaluates values, judgment, and new proposed regulations. When seeks adjustment, and to existing laws. The Wagner act of 1935, knowing National Labor Relations Act, guarantees. The right employees organized, and outlined the legal frameworks, labor union, and management’s relations.

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