[Solution]HA530 Unit 5 Discussion

A Shelter In Place plan is used when there is any type or emergency situation or a natural disaster. A great example of a emergency where a Shelter In Place plan would be and has been used is the COVID-19 pandemic going on in the US. People are being quarantined to their homes to stay healthy and to keep from spreading the virus. The states have been on lock-down to keep people from spreading the virus from one state to another, and only essential workers are allowed to work. An example of a natural disaster where a Shelter In Place plan would be necessary would be a tornado. During a tornado people need a safe place to go to be safe form the damage a tornado can do. an example would be a strong structure with no windows or doors. Also, being in a low lying structure would be helpful. The video that I found for a Shelter In Place plan is below.

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