[Solution]Global Health discussion responses 6

The policy offers a good outlook, however, the policy faces many challenges. The older population is growing each year, and the federal funding lessens each year. With a growing population of older Americans, this means a higher demand on the healthcare system. In old age is when medical expenses are the highest. To provide for a large portion of the population, a population with a higher acuity of care, is difficult. Inequality in the level of care occurs because of this. Those of this population that do not require as much of the services are not granted them. On the other hand, those whom require a significant level of care receive more support and lessen the resources for others. Additionally, the services offered by the policy are community based, there is an unequal opportunity to utilize these services. Those communities with lower socioeconomic status do not have the same resources available as higher socioeconomic status. Cultural preferences must also be considered when evaluating the effectiveness of this policy. This policy is funded by federal funds, because of this funding varies year to year. This poses a large issue. My recommendation for the policy would be moving away from a community based care system, and formalizing care in collaboration with local hospitals. With this recommendation, funding would need to be more consistent. The funding could be allocated from Medicare or insurance companies. The biggest issue with this policy is how to properly provide services for what is projected to be the largest part of the population equally, and promptly. This will require multiple levels of involvement, which is another difficult aspect to address. If this policy is left unaddressed more of the older population will suffer from inequalities, and lack of resources. This then strains the healthcare system more, and further decreases resources for all populations.

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