[Solution]Global Health discussion responses 6

This policy was implicated to focus on the well-being of children and the achievement of the community and families by utilizing preventative and corrective elements. IMCI’s creation was to focus on children under the age of 5 and by promoting advances and improvements to lessen illness, death, and disability. To enforce this policy, there must be a lot of planning with the government and health programs. This strategy has been received by over 70 countries and also has a list of steps to begin. The steps would be 1. The development of a support system within the communities it will serve and prevent diseases, caring for sick children, and transporting those children to hospitals when need be. 2. The training of health care workers at local clinics to adequately instruct parents on their children. 3. Bolster hospitals for children who are too ill to only be treated in an outpatient setting. 4. New training methods for staff to implement the necessary enhancements for treatment. 5. Integration and adoption idea for child health in national policy. 6. Preparing IMCI guidelines for what the country may need to have drugs available, local foods, and policies. 7. Making sure upgrades assist in the availability of simple equipment and low-cost medications (WHO, n.d)

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