[Solution]Evidence-Based Practice Proposal Final Paper

Section E: Implementation Plan – 1. Good description of the setting and your access to potential subjects. 2. Effective description of the amount of time needed to complete this project. Timeline was effective but could be better conveyed in graphic form. 3. Good description of the resources needed in the implementation of the solution. 4. Good description of the methods and instruments to be used for monitoring the implementation of the proposed solution. 5. Effective explanation of the process for delivering the (intervention) solution, along with training requirements. 6. Good outline of the data collection plan. 7. Description of the strategies to deal with the management of any barriers, facilitators, and challenges should be more detailed. 8. Feasibility assessment of the implementation plan not assessed. 9. Description of the plans to maintain, extend, revise, and discontinue a proposed solution after implementation not addressed. 10. Effectively written. 11. APA format correct. 12. Budget not included.

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