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There are several consequences that an organization could be at risk for by having compensation structures that are out of line when compared to its competitors.  Most obviously would be if an organization has a compensation package that is far below its competitors and it is not balanced out by some other form of benefit, then it will not attract the top talent and there will be increased difficulty in hiring proficient people to fill the job openings. Unfortunately, many companies seem to fall into this trap and it is becoming more and more difficult to hire the best talent and top people because these organizations have not adapted their approach to outlining compensation as the talent market has so rapidly changed (Low, 2015).  One major factor that contributes to this need for organizations to properly adjust to the changing market place is the mass availability of information to job candidates in todays environment thanks to social media, job networks and online compensation services (Low, 2015).  This transparency makes it easy for a job candidate to see if they are getting a fair deal or if they should look elsewhere.

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