[Solution]Childhood Obesity

Complete an Article Review using the below criteria:

As a healthcare professional you will be tasked to read and interpret statistical data by reading articles, case studies, surveys, etc.  Statistics are used to help identify finances, labor, services and numerous processes within an organization and community.  This assignment will assist you in becoming familiar with reading and writing a review of an article that includes statistical data.  As you read the article be sure to answer the following questions within your summary:

1. Who was the target population being discussed?
2. The data in the article was accumulated to define what?
3. What graphic forms were used in the article?
4. Analyze and interpret clinical data?  What were some of the outcomes? 
5. How will the data help a healthcare organization or community improve its services, finances, care?
6. Does the study show any new prevention programs that will help in the community?

What types of Articles to Select:
You can select articles utilizing the Virtual Library, Internet or Professional Organizational Websites.  The article’s topics can consist of any of the following topics that are covered in your text or where statistical data is used to solve real world quantitative methods in healthcare.  Examples includes but not limited to: Averaging Length of Stay, Calculating Surgical Procedures, Costs Associated with Services, Projection of Labor Hours, Births/Deaths, etc.

Steps to completion:

1. Research an Article
2. Read an Article
3. Interpret Data/Topic Information
2. Summarize and Write a Review
3. Article Review should be 2 pages in length, not including title page or reference page.

The following article fully describes the process of writing an article critique, and will be helpful as you complete the process:   How to Write an Article Critique 

Grading Criteria:

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