[Solution]BSOP 434 Week 6 Quiz………………(BSOP 434 Logistics with Lab – DeVry)

1. (TCO 10) What is the primary difference between pilferage and theft?
2. (TCO 10) _________ refers to measurement that ensures conformity with an organization’s policies, procedures, and standards. (Points : 3)
3. (TCO 10) The two areas in logistics systems where most energy costs occur are ____ and ____. (Points : 3)
4. (TCO 9) What is the primary object of a transaction processing system?
5. (TCO 10) What is a unified logistics structure?
6. (TCO 12) What are the three types of demand forecasting?
7. (TCO 11) What are the four factors used in determining a product’s freight classification?

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