[Solution]BSOP 434 Week 3 Quiz………………(BSOP 434 Logistics with Lab – DeVry)

1. (TCO 2) Which of the following are not key attributes of supply chain management? (Points : 3)
2. (TCO 2) Sorting customers into groups with similar logistical needs and wants and then providing them with the service appropriate to those needs and wants is known as: (Points : 3)
3. (TCO 2) The current Global Supply Chain Forum (GSCF) model identifies ____________ key processes associated with supply chain management. (Points : 3)
4. (TCO 2) Cooperative supply chain relationships developed to enhance the overall business performance of both parties is a definition of: (Points : 3)
5. (TCO 1) The EOQ determines:
6. (TCO 1) The reorder point (ROP) is defined as the:
7. (TCO 1) A commonly used estimate for inventory carrying costs is ____.

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