[Solution] week 4 myjava

Assignment Instructions

* Make sure you go to this week’s chapter lesson for more guidance.  

For this assignment, you will create an object class then display its assigned values from the main method of the main class.

Save the code in jGRASP, then save it in c:myjava and run it.




class Car
 add content and comments
 public static String accelerate()
  return motion;
 public class CarObject
  public static void main(String[] args)
   add content and comments 


Make sure that you include all source codes and the compiled codes into W4_firstname_lastname.zip.

You must leave me a note in the Submitted Text area on how to compile and run your code.


Points Available

Assignment details in a comment block (flowerbox)


Core application as described in the assignment requirement


Print function used to correctly to print the solution to the assignment


Code is commented and application name is submitted as requested




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