[Solution] System Analysis and Design – Chapter 12 Exercise A Develop a unit test plan for the calculator program in Window

Subject: “Systems Analysis and Design”
Requirement: Chapter 12 Moving Into Implementation
Please complete Exercise A (with the additions below), found on page 398 in the 6th edition text (page 469 in the 5th edition) “Systems Analysis and Design”.
Chapter 12 Exercise A: Develop a unit test plan for the calculator program in Windows (or a similar program for the Mac or UNIX).
MUST Requirements: 
1. Make sure you have 10 different and unique test cases.
2. Then identify 5 buttons on the calculator (non-numeric buttons).
3. Create short descriptions of what the key’s function is. This would display when the user right clicked on the button.
4. In your document, display a screen shot of the button, then a hyphen and then the description that you want to display
5. Submit the Unit test and Documentation on separate pages within one document.

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