[Solution] Strategic management

Read the following 2 articles: the first article is attached  and  the second one is https://outline.com/PTGkER and answer the questions below:
1. Who are the main competitors of Netflix?
2. What kind of products Netflix offers to the market?
3. Why the Netflix culture was described as “weird” ? What is its uniqueness? 
4. Do you agree that the Netflix culture is “ruthless, demoralizing and transparent to the points of dysfunctional”? Give some examples.
5. How does the Netflix culture contribute to the success of the company?

6. If you get an offer to work in Netflix, would you accept it? Why?
2 and a half page

How can a publicly traded corporation lower the chances that key managers will pursue their own interests at the expense of the stockholders? At the expense of the employees?  – almost one page

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