[Solution] Preferences for car choice in the United States/R -studio

Section 1: Discuss Topic Background (Citations are required)
Section 2: Data Analysis (R Studio – R language – Library: mosaic)
•Describe the fields of the dataset. •Create a summary of stats for the dataset. •Discuss the Min, Max, Median, and Mean of the continuous fields. •Discuss the Counts and Percentages of the categorical fields. (ex. Pie Chart) •Discuss any missing data elements.  
Section 3: Data Visualizations (R Studio – R language)
•Graphs: Bar Plot, Box Plot, Scatter Plot, and Histogram •Label: X-Axis, Y-Axis, and Titles •Discuss: Plot, Breakout, Drilldown, and Position (only Bar Plot) Findings: What story is presented in the visualizations? 
Section 4: Discuss Findings (Citations are required)
•Compare (Similar) •Contrast (Difference) •Articles that Support •Articles that do not Support •Conclusion of the findings 
Section 5: Reference List
At least 8 References (4 must be scholarly peer-reviewed articles)

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