[Solution] Electronic Health Record Discussion Questions

Utilizing the Electronic Health Record to Improve Patient OutcomesIn 250-300 words discuss how an Electronic Health Record will assist with preventative screenings, immunization tracking, patient history, trending, and interactive alerts.  Provide two specific examples either from your text, or personal experience where these were captured and assisted with patient health outcomes. Include a minimum of one APA citation within last five years from a scholarly resource (excluding the course text) to support your discussion.  Week 5 Discussion 2Virtual Patient Encounters and E-VisitsIn 250-300 words describe the differences between provider to patient e-mail, secure messaging, and E-visits. Also discuss the benefits of virtual encounters with a clinician and patient vs. one on one consultation.  Include the advantages and disadvantages for each. In what circumstances may any be inappropriate?  In want circumstances may one or more be advantages/preferred?

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