[Solution] Database Systems/only reply

Realtor Database: Data Redundancy and AnomaliesConduct an in-depth examination and analysis of the database, Week1_Realtor.mdb (Download Here). Apply the concepts of database systems that you have learned this week.For example, you may want to include a definition and analysis of these concepts:Describe the data contained in the database.Describe the tables, fields, and records in the database.Describe the keys, indexes, and relationships in the database.Identify data redundancy and describe potential solutions.Identify data anomalies and describe potential solutions.Identify fields containing more than one item of data and describe potential solutions.Identify other design concerns and describe potential solutions. The document should be written in Microsoft Word. The format should be APA style, double-spaced, and sufficient length to thoroughly complete the assignment (usually 2-3 pages). Be sure to cite your sources. Your final submission will be a Microsoft Word document.

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