[Solution] App(8)

Assignment Instructions

Please use files that are attachment for  work  
Please see the attachment for ( A ).

(A)    Select at least 2 of previous assignment projects, combine them

(B)    Design and develop 3 or more features and add to the combined project, including layouts, buttons, functions, and etc.

(C)    Make sure it compile and work.

(D)    Run on the Emulator.

(E)    Run on a real phone (optional)

(F)    Take screenshots of either (D) or (E), and document the new features you added. Good to add various design diagrams.

(G)    Zip the Android Studio project folder for this program.

(H)    Please have a cover sheet with your name and the name of the assignment. Name the file following naming convention “ENTD322FinalProject_First_Last.doc”

(I)    Upload the document and the zip file as attachments.
Note: for turn-ins, your project should be done using Android Studio, not Eclipse.

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