[Solution]Privacy and Security Challenges in HIEs

HIM 350 Module One Journal Assignment Guidelines and Rubric
Overview: This journal assignment will provide you the opportunity to review the case study that corresponds with your final project. You will begin to identify key components of the case study. Journal assignments in this course are private between student and instructor.
Prompt: In this journal assignment, you will have the opportunity to reflect on the key components from the Case Study document. You will begin to consider the elements of the current system in relation to the facilitation of interoperability and security risks. After reading the case study and the Privacy and Security Challenges in HIEs article, respond to the following questions:
 What are the strengths of the current organization in regard to the implementation of a health information exchange?
 In this case, what are the risks and weaknesses of the implementation of a health information exchange system?
 What security considerations need to be made to ensure patient information is secure? What information should not be exchanged?

Privacy and Security Challenges in HIEs
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