[Solution]HIM Data Dictionary Development

HIM 350 Module Three Activity Guidelines and Rubric
Data Dictionary Development Activity
Overview: In this assignment, you will review ways to achieve semantic interoperability using resources authentic to the HIM field such as data dictionaries, Continuity of Care Documents, and master patient indexes. You will also consider appropriate industry standards to facilitate uniformity of use and apply accreditation standards.
Prompt: In this assignment, you will construct a data dictionary. First, you will consider some of the accreditation standards that are applicable to the creation of a data dictionary. Then, assess what essential information needs to be conveyed in the construction process in order to construct your own data dictionary using the provided template. You will need to evaluate the specific descriptors needed to assist in patient identification, diagnosis, and continuity of care. Use the mock patient record for assistance. The data dictionary is basically the programming of the system. This document controls where information goes into a form, what format is allowed and required, i.e.,
Last Name First Name Middle Initial
To begin, review the Data Dictionary Template document and Mock Patient Record document, as you will use these documents to complete this assignment. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
1. Using the Data Dictionary Template above, fill in three or four additional attributes for each of the categories.
2. In a separate Word document, address the following:
 Describe the industry standards that you needed to consider when creating the data dictionary and how you applied these standards. You can use the Joint Commission Data Dictionary Introduction document to respond to this critical element.
 Using the patient record provided as your data set, determine what content would be most relevant to providers when evaluating this patient record and what would be useful for the exchange. Explain your choices.
 Explain why including a master patient index (MPI) as an ID for this patient record is important for the continuation of care.

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