[Solution]Emergency Management

Discussion Topic 1 Out of Control Grass Fire

You are the Director of Emergency Services for your community. The temperature outside is over 100 degrees, the humidity is only 17%, and the Santa Ana winds have begun to blow. At 10:15 a.m. a grass fire is reported and the local fire department is responding. As these first units arrive on scene they realize that the fire is out of control, and that homes are being threatened.

The on-scene commander quickly calls for additional fire units and for the police to begin evacuating homes that are being threatened. By 1:30 hours the fire has grown 10 times its original size and continues out of control; several houses are in immediate danger, and all local resources are now exhausted.

What steps would you take and when would you call for mutual aid? Additionally, at what point would you request federal assistance? Discuss the options available to you as the Director of Emergency Services. Provide a thorough explanation for your choices.

Discussion Topic 3: Risk Mitigation Factors

You are the Director of Emergency Services in a community located on the Gulf Coast in Southern Mississippi. During the hurricane season, this community often faces the threat of hurricanes. What are some of the risk mitigation factors that you could put into place that can help to reduce and or eliminate the impacts of the hurricane? Provide examples to support your position.

Discussion Topic 2: Current Issues

Please review the newspaper, watch the news, or search the internet for a current issue or incident that relates to the material in the first three units. Describe the issue or incident to your classmates, including the link to the course content in your primary source. Please be sure to cite your sources.

Emmergency Management
Sample solution including Out of Control Grass Fire, Risk Mitigation Factors, and Current Issues
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