[Solution]Draft of Interoperability and Data Dictionary

Draft of Interoperability and Data Dictionary

Overview: In the final project for this course, you will be tasked with developing a health information exchange plan. Throughout this course, you will work to
fine-tune your project design so that it can be implemented later in your capstone course.
Prompt: For Milestone Two, you will create a draft of the interoperability and data dictionary sections of your final project. The interoperability section will
include the standards and terminology and a review of the technology, legal, and ethical considerations and issues in compliance. The data dictionary section will
cover the development and maintenance of the data dictionary, and you will explain the importance of data and vocabulary standardization.
II. Interoperability
A. Determine the classification standards and terminologies necessary for successful interoperability and security.
B. Describe the technologies needed for successful interoperability and security.
C. Determine the legal and ethical standards and regulations that impact a health information exchange.
D. From a compliance standpoint, describe the measures that should be put into place to protect patient information.
III. Data Dictionary
A. Describe the content you included in your data dictionary. Support your description with specific examples.
B. Explain how you would manage and maintain the elements in your data dictionary.
C. Explain the importance of adopting and using vocabulary standards.
D. Explain how the application of the data dictionary to the organization’s information system infrastructure can support data standardization and

Draft of Interoperability and Data Dictionary
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