[Solution]Evaluation of a current criminal justice training program

Analysis and Application

Evaluate a current criminal justice training program.

For the Unit 5 Team Assignment, you will work in a team (assigned by the instructor) to construct and complete an 8–10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on your evaluation of a current criminal justice training program.

Working in a team has its benefits. You will get to know your classmates and benefit from each other’s experiences and different perspectives. Remember that the success of your team depends on each person’s contribution. Everyone is required to participate in the team process.

As you work with your teammates, each member should be actively involved in the discussions and work, supporting each other and assisting in the workload. Also, each team member should be willing to resolve differences professionally and ethically and work towards the common goal. Note that the material required for each portion of the presentation will be different: Some portions may require more research and others may need more slides. Try to divide the work equitably and do not hesitate to share information with your teammates.

Team Assignment Details

Evaluating new and innovative criminal justice programs, together with applying evaluation methods to ongoing activities, can help make programs and their agencies accountable. It can help distinguish what works from what does not, and in doing so, steer limited resources to the most promising strategies for controlling crime and violence.

Evaluation is built into the problem-solving approaches that are increasingly used by police and other justice agencies in training personnel and providing resources for programs. Finally, evaluation can lend support to effective law enforcement, prevention, and other criminal justice programs. Showing that something works or does not work can overcome the natural tendency of officials to base decisions on arguments presented by simple advocacy.

For this Assignment, your team will develop an 8–10-slide PowerPoint presentation of an evaluation model that fits a specific criminal justice program of your choice.

Examples of criminal justice programs include drug courts, police foot patrols, youth programs, community policing, youth boot camps, and neighborhood watch programs.

Do not simply report on a criminal justice program that has already been evaluated. The purpose of this Assignment is for your team to select a program and develop a model based on your research and ideas for an assessment. Be creative!

The following identifies key steps in a standard program evaluation. Address each of the steps in your PowerPoint presentation.

Introduction: (2–3 paragraphs)Describe the program your team has chosen to evaluate and the result of other evaluations conducted (if applicable).What is the purpose and intended outcomes?How could the findings be used?Develop a methodology for evaluating the programIdentify what data will be collected.What is the source of data?Describe in detail the methods that will be used to collect data (interviews, observations, surveys, other research, and criminal justice data sources).Identify Performance IndicatorsIndicators can be qualitative (feelings, perceptions), quantitative (data), or both.How will you measure program accomplishments and whether intended outcomes were attained?Discuss how the field may benefit from the outcomes of the program evaluation.Recommendations for future ResearchIdentify areas not addressed in your research.Discuss types of research needed to better evaluate the efficacy of the program.


Identify Performance Indicators

Indicators can be qualitative (feelings, perceptions), quantitative (data), or both.

How will you measure program accomplishments and whether intended outcomes were attained?

Discuss how the field may benefit from the outcomes of the program evaluation.

DRUG COURTS: Program Evaluation
Solution covering Key Performance Indicators, Measurement of Program Accomplishments, and Usefulness of the Program Evaluation
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