[Solution]Interactive Activity and Reflection

HIM 350 Module Four Journal Assignment Guidelines and Rubric
Overview: Journal Assignments in this course are private between student and instructor.
In this assignment, you will complete an interactive activity by answering questions that pertain to security in an authentic setting. This activity will help you step into a simulated hospital setting. You will be able to make connections regarding the benefits to complying with security and privacy standards. You will submit a screenshot of your completed score and answer follow-up questions.
Prompt: Refer to Cybersecure Interactive to play the interactive game. It should take you about one hour. Once you have completed the game, take a screenshot of your final score. You will receive credit for attempting the activity and making it to the end. Submit screenshot file to your journal assignment. Refer to take-a-screenshot.org for instructions on taking a screenshot and creating a file.
Within the journal assignment, reflect on your experience with the activity and answer the following questions:
• Associating the results of the quiz with real-world scenarios, how can effective privacy and security strategies lead to organizational success?
• How can privacy and security risks and errors thwart organizational success and lead to negative patient outcomes?
• What legal and ethical considerations are presented in the scenarios, and what laws and standards may be applied?

EHR Intaractive Activity
Sample Solution
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