[Solution]Health Information Exchange (HIE) Models

Manchester Health Access Network (MHAN)

After reviewing the case study document and assigned reading for this module, answer the following questions:

If you were the health information manager, which HIE model would you choose for the Manchester Health Access Network (MHAN)?

Describe the type of model (centralized, decentralized/federated, hybrid).

Describe the type of exchange (directed, query-based, or consumer-mediated).

Why is this the best model for your network? In responding to this question, differentiate the cost, quality/efficiency, interoperability, time to implement, and security of the model you chose compared to those of other models.

To complete this assignment, review Module Two Journal Guidelines and Rubric document. I have attached my pervious Journal for this class. I am also attaching the case study, and rubric.

Health Information Interchange for Manchester Health Access Network
solution covering Health Information Interchange for Manchester Health Access Network
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