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HW Assignment #3: Cultural Activity

The goal of this assignment is for you to reflect on any past or current experience when you have engaged with a culture different from your own, be it intentionally or unintentionally (try to pick the most recent one you have had).  For those of you who are ethnic minorities, immigrants, or international students, this might be your daily experiences living in America. Please reflect on each of the below prompts/questions.  Your final product will be in paragraph form per prompt/question, and you will be expected to use APA style and formatting for all in-text citations and your reference sheet.  Please write no more than 2 pages, double spaced, not including your reference sheet.  You will be evaluated on the clarity, completeness and thoughtfulness of your answers, as well as your ability to articulate critical thinking by integrating scholarly work into your understanding of the cultural activity. You will also be evaluated on your ability to write in APA style accurately.


  1. Provide a brief description of and the approximate date of the cultural activity.


  1. How did you decide to or end up engaging with this cultural activity? What did you expect to be similar or different from your experiences?  How did you expect it to feel to enter into that cultural space?


  1. Describe the cultural event. Who was there?  What was happening?  When was it?  How was it done?  What was your role?


  1. Describe your thoughts/reactions to the cultural event. What did you learn about the culture?  What was different or similar from your experiences?


  1. Describe how it felt to be different entering into that cultural space. What made you feel connected?  What made you feel alienated?


  1. Draw from the readings and any other scholarly work to try to understand and interpret your experience of the cultural activity. What have you learned about the culture from the experience, the impact of the culture on the child and family, as well as how you might understand it through the readings?  Use APA intext citation to cite readings and/or scholarly sources.


  1. Describe ways this cultural event may or may not empower families and encourage family involvement in children’s development. Draw from the readings and any other scholarly work to support your thoughts, and use APA intext citation to cite readings and/or scholarly sources.


  1. Include a reference sheet in APA style or formatting.


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