[Solution]Police Misbehavior

Topic 1: Detecting Police Misbehavior

What are some common methods used to detect police misbehavior prior to notable problems emerging? Provide the specific methods. What are the more common forms of misbehavior? What forms of discipline is utilized and the rationale for the appropriate discipline? Provide examples to illustrate.

Topic 2: Weekly Research Discussion

Research and locate a news article or op-ed that addresses an issue you believe is relevant to the unit. This resource must address a critical or controversial issue. Please post the article and indicate why it is indeed a critical or controversial issue.

This is what we discussed in the unit:

In this unit, you will continue to examine police issues including democratic principles and the military model, subculture of police, vicarious liability, authoritarianism, civil service, and unions. In addition, you will examine the American court system and effects of capital punishment on the justice system and on individual prisoners consigned to death row, the conflicts between the right of self-defense, and the municipal laws banning guns.

After completing this unit, you should be able to:

Examine the principles of policing in a democratic society.

Understand the dynamics of police subculture on organizations and society.

Explain vicarious liability and its impact on organizations.

Discuss the American Court System and role in developing precedence and legislation.

Describe the key issues surround capital punishment and right to bear arms debates.

Police Misbehavior
Sample solution covering Detecting Police Misbehavior, Weekly Research Discussion
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