[Solution]Clinical nursing practice

Use the criteria listed below to help identify a quantitative nursing research article. Answer the following questions.


Does the article meet criteria?                                              Highlight: YES or NO


  1. Published in the last 5 years             YES                NO
  2. Published in the United States/English Language YES                NO
  3. Research study focused on clinical nursing practice; not about a drug trail, or quality improvement project or other non-clinical nursing subjects such as education or management without quantitative statistical measures. Journals focused on medicine or ancillary services (physical or respiratory therapy) will not be approved. The following types of studies are not approved to be used for this learning assignment: meta-analysis, integrated summary, evidence based summary, case study, integrative review, literature review, mixed method (includes qualitative data), focus groups or interviews because they are not the types of research emphasized in this course. YES NO
  4. Verify that at least one of the authors is a nurse. Remember, that just because an individual                                                                         YES                NO


Does the article contain most of the listed criteria?                       

  1. Locate the following and highlight in your chosen article. You will attach a copy of your article with the following questions highlighted.


  1. Then, answer the following questions, does the article contain the listed criteria?


                                                                                                Highlight: YES or NO

  • Purpose and/or statement of the problem                               YES                NO
  • Review of the Literature                                                         YES                NO
  • Theoretical or conceptual framework                                     YES                NO
  • Hypotheses or research questions                                           YES                NO
  • Sample                                                                                    YES                NO
  • Instruments                                                                             YES                NO
  • Data collection                                                                        YES                NO
  • Methodology                                                                          YES                NO
  • Analysis of Data                                                                     YES                NO
  • Results                                                                                    YES                NO
  • Recommendations and/or Implications for practice               YES                NO
  • References                                                                              YES                NO

Quantitative Research Article Submission Assignment Grading Criteria

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